Hoʻāla Kealakekua Nui

He kiʻekiʻe loa nei pali.

Tall and majestic are these cliffs.

We're Hiring!

Administrative Assistant

Dive into an exciting opportunity with Hoʻāla Kealakekua Nui! We’re looking for an Administrative Assistant to help drive our mission forward. From board support and financial management to digital outreach and fundraising, this role blends remote flexibility with the privilege of occasional in-person events in South Kona. Ready to make an impact where it truly counts? Click below to apply and join our journey!

Hoa’āina Coordinator

Hoʻāla Kealakekua Nui is on the lookout for an enthusiastic Hoa’āina Coordinator to lead our conservation and restoration efforts at Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. This pivotal role offers the unique opportunity to become the embodiment of our mission for visitors, engaging in hands-on restoration work and cultural education. If you’re passionate about preserving the natural and cultural heritage of South Kona and ready to inspire others through action, click below to learn more and apply!

Active Restoration
Outreach & Education

Active Restoration

Hoʻāla Kealakekua Nui is dedicated to the stewardship of Kealakekua Bay’s natural and cultural environment. A mission focused on restoration, education, and outreach to preserve the bay for current and future generations.


We work together with the local community, experts, and stakeholders who care about our area to protect its history and nature. By joining hands, we make sure to keep the land and sea healthy with respect to old traditions.

Outreach & Education

It is our mission to share knowledge about Kealakekua's rich history and natural beauty. Our goal is to help people understand why it's important to protect and cherish our surroundings.

Events in May 2024

  • There are no events scheduled during these dates.

Support Kealakekua

Become a part of something truly special. By joining our events, making a donation, or contributing in other ways, you're supporting Ho'āla Kealakekua Nui's vital mission to preserve, educate, and celebrate the unique cultural and natural heritage of our area. Your involvement directly contributes to the sustainability and enrichment of our community and the environment.

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