For a successful, safe, and respectful visit to Kealakekua, please read the information below.

Kealakekua is a sacred gem on the island of Hawai’i, boasting a rich history that weaves together breathtaking natural landscapes, deep-rooted mo’olelo (stories), and vibrant cultural traditions. This paradise, home to stunning marine life, pristine coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters, welcomes both locals and visitors. However, its profound beauty has drawn considerable attention, leading, at times, to the desecration of its pristine environment. To safeguard this precious place, there are important guidelines and restrictions in place, ensuring Kealakekua remains preserved for future generations.

Guidelines & Restrictions

We’re preparing detailed information to guide our visitors on where they can explore and areas that are off-limits, underscoring the critical importance of respecting this treasured place. Additionally, a special section on ‘Pono Behavior’ will be introduced to educate visitors on the principles of responsible and respectful conduct within Kealakekua’s culturally and ecologically sensitive environment. Stay tuned to learn how you can contribute to preserving the beauty and integrity of this unique destination.

Facilities Information

Please be aware that there are no bathroom facilities available at Kaʻawaloa. We recommend exploring alternative options or planning your visit accordingly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience in this beautiful location.

More coming soon…